25 Jul 2012

Bengali Film Songs

Rabindra Sangeet by Indrani sen

Rabindra Sangeet (রবীন্দ্রসঙ্গীত), also known as Tagore Songs, songs was written and composed by Rabindra nath Tagore. It is a distinctive genre in the music of Bengal, popular in India and Bangladesh.Tagore wrote some 2,230 songs.
Indrani Sen is a Bengali Indian exponent of Rabindra Sangeet and Bengali songs. She studied at the Bengal Music College, a music training college affiliated with the prestigious University of Calcutta.
Free Download All Bengali Film Songs here:-

  • Click For Download:-»

  • Free Download All Bengali Film Songs here:-  


  • Click For Download:-» Bhalobashi Bhalobashi
  • Click For Download:-» He Khaniker Atithi
  • Click For Download:-» Na Chahile Jare
  • Click For Download:-» Mone Ki Dwidha
  • Click For Download:-»Ei Kathati Mone
  • Click For Download:-»Amar Praner Pore
  • Click For Download:-»Khelaghar Bandte
  • Click For Download:-»Ami Keboli Swapon
  • Click For Download:-»Emni Kore Jai Jodi
  • Click For Download:-»O Ki Elo
  • Click For Download:-»Ami Jene Shune
  • Click For Download:-»Ami Tomar Shange
  • Click For Download:-»Ami Hridoyer Katha
  • Click For Download:-»Aji Je Rajani Jay
  • Click For Download:-»Aaj Josthna Rate
  • Click For Download:-»Kandale Tumi Moore
  • Click For Download:-»Aha Aji E Basante
  • Click For Download:-»Amaro Porano Jaha Chay
  • Click For Download:-»Dinguli Mor Sonar Khachay
  • Click For Download:-»Pagla Hawoar Badol Dine
  • Click For Download:-»Rodono Bhora E Basanta

    Click For Download:-»Tumi je surer agun
    Click For Download:-»Alo amar alo
    Click For Download:-»Tomar Khola Hawa
    Click For Download:-»Aguner parashmani
    Click For Download:-»Premero joyare-(BHUMI)
    Click For Download:-»Bhara thak
    Click For Download:-» Premero joyare


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